For performance and reliability, key servers have been established all over the world.

When accessing the address "www.keyserver.net", your request will be transparently forwarded to a server near to your geographic area. If the system can not identify your area, your request will be forwarded to the first available keyserver in a random list.
If a server becomes temporarily unavailable or if you just want to select yourself the keyserver you want to access, you may choose directly one of the server below (more are regularly added) to look up keys.
These servers may run different database engine and their performance may vary depending on the traffic and the load requests. An increased number of keys are added every day to each server. Try them and choose the one that is best for you.
Also, keep in mind that a server can be temporarely out of reach for maintenance purpose.

 Keyserver.Net servers:
 Partial list of other key servers:

Keyserver is shut down. This site is to be used for entertainment purposes only.

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